Snowdonia Holiday Cottages


We Love Welcoming Dogs!!

We love welcoming dogs at our cottages.

We love to welcome dogs (please see cottage details for how many ) If there are less people, we may be able to increase the number of dogs welcomed. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

We provide lots of useful doggy items to make your stay easier, including the following:

  • Vet bedding
  • Dog Bowls
  • Outside tap with hose
  • Dog Hair removal Roller
  • Dog beds 
  • Towels
  • Poo bags
  • Dog poop scooper
  • Dog food freezer
  • Dog treats
  • Dog tags
  • Dog crates
  • Dog pen
  • Dog ball and throw
Some of our happy canine past guests!

House Rules for Dogs (and their humans)

We don’t like having lots of rules and regulations because we realise that dogs are very much part of people’s families, however our cottages are very much part of our family so please look after them for us. Not all of our guests visit with dogs.

We thought it only fair that as a prospective visitor, our House Rules for Dogs should be plainly stated so you can decide if our cottage are right for you & your dog/s.

  • Dogs are welcome, over the age of 6 months of age at the time of the holiday, house trained, clean, no bitches in season and are up to date with flea and tick prevention treatment and are well behaved. (and not destructive!)
  • Please clean up after your dog/s – both inside and out. Please bag and bin all deposits as we often have families with children staying at our cottages. In case you run out, poo-bags are provided in the Doggie-Box, and can be found in the cupboard next to the sink.
  • Wales is famous for its wonderful walks, countryside and beaches, but alongside that comes rain, and mud on occasion. If your dog/s are wet and muddy, please use the outside dog hose and please keep your dog/s in the kitchen until they are clean and dry.
  • If you do like your dog/s to curl up with you on furniture, then please bring and use your own throws/towels. There are some towels provided for emergencies and are kept in a plastic box in the garden shed. Feel free to wash any throws and towels. If you do use the towels provided by us for your dog/s, please ensure they are washed and dry by the time you leave. If required, there is a vacuum cleaner and mob bucket in the cupboard under the stairs.
  • There are plastic dog beds and a crate in the garden shed that you are welcome to use them. We ask that on your departure that these are washed down and put back in the shed.
  • There are several pieces of vet bedding stored in the box in the hall which you are welcome to use. Please wash and tumble dry before your departure. Tumble dryer is in the garden shed. The tumble dryer is a condensing dryer, the tank to empty the water is in the top left hand corner of the machine. Please be careful when pulling out as it can be heavy… the machine will stop working once water tank is full. There is also two large pieces of grey vet bedding which can be put on the sofas. These also help to the make the leather sofa’s less slippery! Dog bowls along with dog treats are there for you to use.
  • We do try to be flexible and recognise that some dogs like to sleep near their owners. Dogs are only allowed in the down stairs bedroom and only by prior agreement with ourselves. We have lovely bedding so please don’t let your dog/s on the bed unless you have had agreed with us to supply and use your own bedding. A stairgate separates the hall from the stairs, please ensure it is kept closed to stop your dog/s going upstairs. A charge will be made against your security deposit if bedding is found to be soiled by your dog/s.
  • Leaving your dog/s alone in the cottage – we would prefer this is only done in the kitchen area and only if you are confident that your dog/s will settle if left alone in a strange place or they are happy in crates. (maximum of 3 hours) If you know they can be destructive or reactive when they are left alone, or they suffer from separation anxiety, please do not leave them unsupervised for any period. It’s just not fair on your dog/s (or on us if they cause damage).  In the unlikely event of your dog/s causing any damage, then the cost of repairs will be taken from your damage/security deposit (see conditions).  There is plenty of room to set up a crate if required.
  • Our doggie-box has some toys in it for your dog/s to play with, plus spare leads and dog holiday tags. Please return them at the end of your stay.
  • There is a large dog-crate kept folded up and dog/child play pen in the shed. Please feel free to use. All we ask is that you collapse it and return prior to leaving.
  • There is a separate dog food freezer in the garden shed if you raw feed your dog/s. Please switch off and leave the lid open at the end of your stay.
  • We have had some incidences of male dogs marking furniture. Please be extra vigilant and if this should happen, please use the specialist products kept under the kitchen sink in order to minimise damage and staining. Thank you.
  • End of doggy house rules!!  We are confident that our guests are responsible dog owners and considerate human beings and will look after our cottages for us.  This has certainly been our experience to date.
  • And finally….if you get home and find you have some lovely photos of your dog/s enjoying their holiday we would love to see them and put them on our Facebook page. We would welcome comments to be left in the guest book.